Ella Cottee

If you are an over thinker, a do-er and an all round good person, then this website is for you. If you question where your everyday products come from and how they are made, where your waste goes and if the current social, environmental and economic system of life we currently live in could be improved to become more harmonious and sustainable, then I encourage you read on. 

Welcome to The Conscious Consumer, a platform for myself, alongside input at times from some of my more experienced friends and professionals, to question, reflect and document some of our learnings and queries about the world and hopefully ignite some further questions or thoughts of your own. Thank you for taking the time to explore and for joining me on this journey.

About Me

My name is Ella, I live in Sydney and have recently completed my Masters in Sustainability. For as long as I can remember my passion has been the environment and its preservation. I think this is because I have been lucky enough to live, and travel to, beautiful places and because I recognise that the environment unites all living beings, be it even on the most basic level in that we cannot survive without food or water. I also consider myself a compassionate person and believe in protecting vulnerable things, be it people, the planet or animals, which often cannot protect themselves.

As I have grown and become more educated over the years, initially undertaking my Bachelors degree in International Studies before travelling and starting my Masters, I have become increasingly aware and exposed to the extent of environmental degradation that we have allowed to persist and to be honest I find it pretty terrifying. I say this because everything in this world is interconnected, just like the buzzword ‘sustainability’ implies, with the symbiosis between the environment, economy and society becoming undermined, largely as the population increases and exploitative forms of growth continue to occur. Consequently, the effects of this imbalance are becoming evident on a number levels, with the environment, for example, affected as climate change intensifies, biodiversity disappears and tension over finite resources continues to grow, corresponding with greater social dislocation especially as inequality continues to widen.

Whilst the outlook may appear bleak, overwhelming and just darn right disillusioning, I ultimately believe that changes on an individual level can amount to wider changes on a global scale. I am also positive that people are becoming increasingly aware of this power that they posses, with one of the easiest ways to display this taking the form of our everyday consumption patterns, supporting brands, companies or projects that are ethical and avoiding, or at least being aware of, those that are not. I do not claim to be an expert, but I hope through posting my learnings and insights I can help you in this process - we are in this together!